GPT Pathways is Global Partnership for Telehealth's comprehensive telehealth platform.

After years of experience in the telehealth industry, we know what providers and presenters alike want from their telehealth consults Designed with you in mind, Pathways takes all your needs for a telehealth consultation and consolidates them all into one streamlined and easy-to-use telehealth portal. 

Pathways includes numerous benefits for telehealth providers and presenters: 

  • See who is in your virtual waiting room
  • Enter patient information into an easily printable consult summary for record-keeping
  • Edit patient information in real-time
  • Switch between webcam and peripheral scopes with a single click
  • Easily switch between Pathways and TeleSensi, our Tele-Auscultation platform

Pathways makes facilitating a telehealth consult simpler than ever. Contact our office for more information.

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