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Global Partnership for TeleHealth Appoints Sherrie Williams as Chief Operations Officer


Global Partnership for TeleHealth (GPTH), a charitable nonprofit promoting the establishment of telemedicine programs in underserved communities, announces the appointment of Sherrie Williams as its Chief Operations Officer (COO).

Williams is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) that has dedicated her career to spreading awareness of telemedicine’s importance. For nearly 15 years, she witnessed countless hardships of children and families that were unable to get appropriate medical and mental health care. She has seen the power of telemedicine first hand and believes it is the most effective means to providing rural and underserved areas with quality medical care.

“It’s truly an honor to be the Chief Operations Officer for the Global Partnership of Telehealth,” says Williams. “I strongly believe that telemedicine is the answer for the healthcare shortage of rural and underprivileged areas of the United States. In my new role, I will place a special emphasis on continuing to implement the best technologies as they become available, so that those who receive our telemedicine services have a first-rate experience, while receiving top notch-medical and mental health care.”

Prior to being appointed GPTH’s COO, Williams spent over four years working at the Georgia Partnership for Telehealth, a charitable nonprofit that promotes the establishment of telemedicine programs in communities throughout Georgia. At the Georgia Partnership for Telehealth, she worked as the organization’s Executive Director as well as the Director of State Telehealth Programming and School-Based Telehealth Liaison. Williams worked with health systems, public schools and state agencies to develop and implement telemedicine programs throughout rural Georgia.

Before joining the Georgia Partnership for Telehealth team, Williams oversaw the telehealth component to a school-based health clinic, which experienced phenomenal success collaborating with local primary care providers, pediatric specialists from resource-rich urban areas, the local hospital and several area pharmacies. Her program expanded the Berrien County School System’s capacity to meet the health care needs of medically-underserved children. Before her work in the school system, Williams was Director of an outpatient mental health program. Williams earned her Masters of Social Work degree from Valdosta State University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science.


About Global Partnership for TeleHealth
Global Partnership for TeleHealth is a charitable nonprofit corporation, dedicated to increasing access to healthcare through the innovative use of technology. GPTH is known as the leading agency globally focusing on increasing access to healthcare through innovative use of technology. Global Partnership for Telehealth is the umbrella organization for Georgia Partnership for Telehealth, Alabama Partnership for Telehealth, and Florida Partnership for Telehealth.

The mission of the Global Partnership for TeleHealth is to deliver worldwide access to healthcare. Our unparalleled success in applying telehealth programs and services has resulted in the provision of cost effective, efficient, and high quality healthcare for hundreds of thousands of individuals from rural communities in America to orphanages in Guatemala and Afghanistan.

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