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GPT Provides Mercy Care with Telemedicine Equipment to Support Atlanta’s Homeless Community

Waycross, GA – December 15, 2015 – Georgia Partnership for TeleHealth (GPT), a charitable nonprofit promoting the establishment of telemedicine programs in communities throughout Georgia, announces that it is supporting the efforts of Mercy Care, a not-for-profit that serves the homeless and indigent population of Atlanta, with telemedicine equipment for a mobile unit to better care for its patients.

The Mercy Care Street Medicine team utilizes telemedicine through a weekly mobile clinic that visits patients at their homes or public dwellings including underneath bridges, in tent cities or vacant lots throughout Atlanta. The organization also offers onsite mental and primary care needs during regular business hours at multiple brick and mortar locations throughout the city.

“Mercy Care is utilizing telemedicine to reach some of the most underserved citizens in Atlanta,” states Sherrie Williams, executive director of GPT. “What Mercy Care has done already to create patient relationships with these individuals is amazing, and the fact they are consistently seeing the same patients, and assisting them with mental and physical health needs should be celebrated. This clinic is really changing lives and I am so happy that we, at Georgia Partnership for TeleHealth, can assist in the delivery of care to their patients.”

“I believe that Telemedicine has opened the door for us to help those who are more affected by severe mental health,” states Kathy Schaaf, a Mercy Care Staff member. “We are able to meet with the individual in their environment and engage them in talking about behavioral health issues and treatment possibilities. It has been the first step that many have taken in the journey with Mercy Care to recovery and stabilization of their mental health disorder.”

Physicians interested in donating their services to Mercy Care are encouraged to reach out to Georgia Partnership for TeleHealth’s main office at 866-754-4325.


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Georgia Partnership for TeleHealth is a charitable nonprofit corporation, which was formed to promote improvements in healthcare and healthcare facilities in communities by assisting in the establishment of telemedicine programs. GPT is known as the leading agency globally focusing on increasing access to healthcare through innovative use of technology. GPT is one of the entities that belong to the Global Partnership for TeleHealth.

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