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Georgia Partnership for Telehealth Joins with C Port to Expand and Advance Telemedicine in Georgia

Atlanta, GA – November 8, 2010 – Georgia Partnership For Telehealth (GPT) has purchased seven of Atlanta based C PORT’s MEDI PORT mobile telemedicine solutions. The MEDI PORTS will be distributed to seven rural hospitals and rehab centers as part of GPT’s roll out of their recently awarded U.S. Department of Commerce grant to improve and expand their telehealth network in Georgia.

The MEDI PORT mobile telemedicine solution converges all forms of communication and collaboration with patient data, medical applications, and existing healthcare technologies so healthcare professionals can diagnose or treat a patient with the highest level of care regardless of the healthcare professionals location. MEDI PORT is a powerful mobile computing platform enabled with high definition video conferencing capability which can be rolled anywhere it’s needed – the ER, OR, hospital ward, exam room, outpatient clinic, or physician’s office. The device allows remote medical specialists to view patients and provide expert counsel, especially important for rural clinics with limited medical staff.

“We are very excited to be moving forward with C PORT. MEDI PORT provides a complete solution previously unavailable to us,” said Paula Guy GPT’s Executive Director. “It is easy to use and affordable. We are particularly pleased to be partnering with a Georgia based company to bring better healthcare to our fellow Georgians.” GPT has a longstanding and successful track record in providing technical assistance in the development of sustainable, cost-effective telehealth programs to serve the rural and medically underserved areas and populations in Georgia.

MEDI PORT has been developed through a strategic partnership with Rubbermaid Medical Solutions and St Joseph Hospital’s Translational Research Institute (SJTRI) in Atlanta. C PORT, has configured Rubbermaid Medical Solutions’ industry leading medical cart with Polycom’s best-in-class video conferencing capability and Hewlett Packard’s cutting edge touch enabled computing platform to converge high definition video conferencing, high definition audio conferencing, web conferencing and interactive annotation/white board technology onto a single mobile device. Rubbermaid Medical Solutions is the leading provider of clinical workstations and mobile computing solutions for healthcare facilities.

“From the outset, one of our key goals in developing MEDI PORT has been to connect all patients regardless of where they live, to the best medical skills regardless of where they are”, said Lee Hicks, Founder and CEO of C PORT Solutions. “MEDI PORT’s ability to bridge the gap between where the talent is and where the need is will lead to faster time to diagnosis, faster time to treatment and faster time to cure”.

Driven by aging population, increased requirements in remote locations and the need to control rising health care costs, the world market for telemedicine is growing at 7 to 8% per year and is expected to exceed $18 billion by 2015 according to Global Industry Analysts. Growth in the US market (currently $9.5 billion) has been further stimulated by federal grants to encourage telemedicine and develop telecommunications infrastructure.

About Georgia Partnership for Telehealth.

Georgia Partnership for TeleHealth, Inc. is the leading agency in Georgia focusing on increasing access to healthcare through innovative use of technology including telemedicine, health information exchange and telehealth. GPT’s success has been built on providing technical assistance and education to its network partners and has been recognized nationally for its robust, statewide network with 121 specialists serving patients in more than 100,000 encounters to date in 144 access points and is well positioned with the expertise and strong commitment to continue aggressively expanding the network across Georgia and into bordering states. The GPT team includes experts in the field of network design and management, administration, protocol development, billing and reimbursement, evaluation, legal and regulatory issues, telemedicine technology, training, marketing, and outreach. For more information on how to become a partner visit our website at

About C PORT Solutions

C PORT Solutions Inc is the world’s leading provider of mobile unified collaboration solutions serving the Healthcare, Hospitality and Professional Services verticals. C PORT Solutions makes on-line collaboration simpler and more effective by converging every collaboration tool in an easy-to-use, mobile platform that can roll anywhere it’s needed. By making its solutions so simple and so affordable, it enables, for the first time, all knowledge workers to participate, travel less and be more productive.

Based in Atlanta, C PORT Solutions was founded in 2008.

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