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2015 Rural School-Based Telehealth Center Initiative Request for Proposals has posted. Clink HERE for more information and to apply!!!
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Georgia Partnership for TeleHealth School Based TeleHealth Summit -Tifton, GA - November 5, 2015
Georgia Partnership for TeleHealth and Global Partnership for TeleHealth are excited to promote Florida Partnership for TeleHealth's 2nd annual conference on December 3rd and 4th in Winter Park, Florida.
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Sign up for the Certified Telemedicine Clinical Presenter or Certified Telehealth Coordinator today by visiting the National School of Applied TeleHealth website.

The Southeastern TeleHealth Resource Center serves as a resource to health care providers, health systems, clinics, long term care facilities, schools, government agencies and others interested in providing telehealth services for the rural and underserved in the region. SETRC's coverage area includes Alabama, South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia and is operated by Georgia Partnership for TeleHealth, Inc., Georgia's successful nonprofit statewide telehealth network.

(Grant #G22RH20212-04-00)

SETRC GOALS: • Provide telehealth technology and systems deployment assistance to ensure success of new and existing telehealth networks and providers. • Promote collaboration between existing telehealth networks and providers to leverage best practices and resources. • Promote early adoption of telehealth programs to improve access to care for the underserved. • Provide online telehealth training through SETRC's education arm, The National School of Applied TeleHealth (NSAT). For More Information Visit:

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American Telemedicine Association


Georgia Partnership for TeleHealth (GPT) is pleased to announce four members of the executive team have been selected as speakers at the American Telemedicine Association's 2015 conference taking place from May 2-5, 2015, in Los Angeles, CA.

GPT's roster of conference speakers includes Paula Guy, Chief Executive Officer; Sherrie Williams, Executive Director; Loren Nix, Liaison; and board member Dr. Jean Summer. Each member of the GPT team will share their expertise on a range of innovative telemedicine and remote healthcare delivery topics.

The American Telemedicine Association has hosted its ATA annual meeting and tradeshow for over 20 years. The conference has become the premier forum for healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs in the telemedicine, telehealth and mHealth industries. The world-class, peer reviewed program will include over 500 educational sessions and posters, highlighting the latest innovations, applications and delivery models in telemedicine. The expansive exhibit hall will host over 250 vendors leading the industry with groundbreaking remote healthcare technologies and services.

"We're very excited to have the GPT team well represented at such an important industry event," said Paula Guy, Chief Executive Officer of Global Partnership for TeleHealth. "It's an honor to be able to share our expertise and mission with our industry peers. This is a great opportunity for us to not only teach, but learn from others in our industry. Telemedicine is a segment of the medical industry that has experienced substantial growth recently. With all of the technological advances of this age, the importance of telemedicine will only increase as the years go on."

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Help us Make a Difference

Global Partnership for TeleHealth is working on expanding telemedicine in Georgia and Globally with your help. Many communities and populations close to home and far away contact Global Partnership For TeleHealth with requests to fill telemedicine needs. As Global continues to grow, the desire to give back to these communities in need grows. With your help, Global Partnership for TeleHealth can assist these communities through fundraising efforts. For more information on opportunities to give, contact or visit



Georgia Partnership for TeleHealth and Amerigroup Georgia have built a relationship focusing on utilizing telemedicine for Amerigroup members. Amerigroup is dedicated to offering real solutions that improve health care access and quality for their members.

Dr. William Alexander, Amerigroup Georgia's Medical Director, met with GPT to discuss the insurance payer perspective of telemedicine and reimbursement. Below is a video discussing this topic.


Tift Regional Medical Center: Disaster Drill

Students are working hard in their college science lab. Then BOOM! The unexpected happens. The lab explodes and unknown chemicals are sprayed through the air contaminating everyone. The hospital is alerted to a "Code Orange" emergency. All emergency staff gets into place. The control room becomes packed with administrators and the disaster coordination team. The emergency department and ambulance bay becomes a mad house of controlled chaos. How do the separate parts of the hospital to communicate? How do they observe the victims as they arrive? Telemedicine, of course!

This is exactly what happened earlier this month at Tift Regional Medical Center in Tifton, GA. The question was posed "what role could telemedicine play in dealing with a disaster?" A team was put together to find out. During this particular drill, only a live feed video stream was conducted from the ED to the disaster control center. It was a great way to grow beyond using only hand-held radios to actually being about to get a bird's eye view of the action taking place. It allowed the disaster team to more precisely evaluate how staff reacted to the incident. Can telemedicine be used more closely with victims of a disaster? Of course and in the next drill this is exactly what will happen!

Jeff Robins the Director for Telemedicine at Tift Regional Medical Center said, "The entire Telemedicine/Disaster project grew from wanting to take this simple technology and find more ways to help people. For me, Telemedicine has always been about erasing time and distance for patients when they are in need. We wanted to go even further and see if we could help those with a possible life changing event such as a disaster, and try to reach their needs as fast as possible."

Conference Speaker Spotlight

Georgia Partnership for TeleHealth's 2015 conference was extremely

successful. During the conference, GPT's team sat down with a couple of the speakers to get to know them better. Over the next coming months, GPT will be sharing these interactions with the speakers via the newsletter. This month, our spotlight is on Commissioner John Oxendine.

Question Georgia Partnership for TeleHealth: "Commissioner Oxendine, how has telemedicine changed since you first met Paula Guy?"

Answer Commissioner Oxendine: "Well the first thing that has changed dramatically is the technology. Comparing the technology from 2006 to now, you can see there has been a great improvement in the hardware and software. Secondly, telemedicine has become more main stream. In most situations, you don't have to explain what the technology is. People already understand the capabilities of telemedicine and are much more accepting of the practice. Lastly, in Georgia, no one is far away from a specialist. When GPT first started specialists where hard to find, now specialty doctors are right down the road and in every corner of our state due to telemedicine."

GPT: "What are some barriers that you see in telemedicine and health IT in the future?"

Oxendine: "I actually think there will be less and less barriers, and more opportunities. I see healthcare being like Dr. Lenard Bones McCoy from Star Trek. I see that type of technology become more prevalent, we are quickly getting there with our phones and tablets already."

GPT: "Commissioner, if you could be any superhero, who would you be?"

Oxendine: "I would be Batman. Batman was a wealthy individual that could easily live in his mansion and have a great life of luxury but he chose to spend his time fighting for those less fortunate. I value that in Batman and would want to do that too."

GPT was grateful to get just a little insight into Commissioner Oxendine's thoughts on telemedicine and the future of healthcare in our state.
Employee Spotlight: Ed Honeycutt

Ed Honeycutt was welcomed to the GPT team in 2014 as the Columbus area liaison. He came to GPT after serving as the District Manager for AAA for over 10 years, first in New Mexico and then in Columbus and Atlanta. Prior to AAA, Ed was a special education teacher and media business owner. After a couple months on the Liaison Team, Ed was recruited to assist in expanding GPT's footprint into East Tennessee and West Georgia with his previous experience in business development.

Outside of work, Ed has two sons, one a teacher in Japan, the other an environmental engineer in Sacramento. Ed is married to Ruth and they live in Cataula with their little pug, Zoe. In his spare time, Ed enjoys deep water ice cave exploration, competitive archery and base jumping. Ed also enjoys mountain biking, yoga and writing. Most notably, Ed is a reasonably accomplished chef.

Casa Update

Global Partnership for TeleHealth recently visited our Guatemala telemedicine site, Casa Aleluya. Our IT team upgraded the telemedicine cart in the clinic and put in new scopes for better presentation of patients. Global Partnership for TeleHealth also installed equipment giving allowing x-ray capabilities allowing the x-rays to be imported into Global's PACS system. The PACS system will give Radiologists in Lousianna the capability to work more closely with Casa by having the ablity to receive and read these x-rays. Immediately after the equipment installation, 5 five children had x-rays taken, one with a broken clavicle. With continuous support, Global partnership for telehealth (capitalize all first letters of our name) will continue be able to give access to more and more healthcare specialties for the children within this orphanage in Guatemala.


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