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Berrien County Awarded $403,000 Grant

Students in the Berrien County school system won’t have to go far to get the treatment they need.

The school system is just one out of 95 schools across the nation to receive a $403,000 grant from the government to improve its health clinic.

“Our big vision for the future is to have quality access to health care for all students in Berrien County and this is one of the tools that’s going to allow us to do that,” said MED Clinic Program Director Sherrie Williams.

Currently, Berrien County has the only school system in Georgia to use what’s being called the Telemedicine system.

With a high definition camera and television, nurses can connect with physicians from across the state of Georgia.

The technology helps to save time and money by allowing students to get the help they need without traveling outside of Berrien County.

“What happens is Sherrie can actually call the physician when that child comes and presents with an illness and get that child seen the same day,” said the Georgia Partnership for TeleHealth Liason Marty Nall.

The grant will help the school system to purchase three more Telemedicine technology machines.

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