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IT on the Move: MOVI Solution

The Georgia Partnership for TeleHealth is pleased to announce our newest offering: Tandberg Movi. This new and exciting product allows high quality video conferencing with mobility. With a laptop computer and a quality high speed internet connection, you can securely connect to the Georgia Partnership for TeleHealth network. When used in conjunction with the Tandberg High Definition USB camera, the results are truly remarkable. This camera gives a superior experience through its 720p resolution as well as high performance integrated microphone with built in echo cancellation. Furthermore, with Movi you can select any active application you are running to share with the party on the far end. The best part is that it is all secure. As long as the far end is running a Tandberg unit (or other compliant system) the call is secured with 128-bit AES encryption algorithm.

-Jerad Johnson, IT Coordinator

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