Georgia Partnership for Telehealth

About Georgia Partnership for Telehealth

georgia partnership for telehealthGeorgia Partnership for TeleHealth (GPT) is the leading agency in Georgia focusing on increasing access to healthcare through the innovative use of technology including telemedicine, health information exchange and telehealth.

The statewide Georgia telemedicine program began in 2006 through a generous grant from WellPoint, Inc. Negotiations with Commissioner Oxendine for Anthem and the WellPoint merger resulted in Commissioner Oxendine’s Rural Health Initiative to provide $100 million over the following 20 years in rural capital bonds and $11.5 Million over 3 years for a statewide telemedicine program in Georgia. The Georgia Partnership for TeleHealth, Inc. was formed in 2008 to continue the successes of the telemedicine program after Wellpoint’s 3-year commitment.

This statewide collaboration among policy makers, healthcare providers and patients has led to a tremendous rate of success. The program began with 8 patient visits in 2006 and grew to over 75,000 in 2012 and more than 240,000 in 2014. GPT’s original Open Access Network now includes over 600 locations with over 200 specialists and healthcare partners and providers that represent over 30 specialties.


Telemedicine has had a profound effect on the level of care for Georgians. The latest cutting edge technology used in telemedicine not only reduces costs in the health care industry, but also brings world-class specialty medical care to even the most rural communities throughout the state. I am proud to support the Georgia Partnership for Telehealth and their great work in making healthcare services more convenient and accessible for those in need.

– Casey Cagle, Lieutenant Governor of Georgia


GPT is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which deems that all donations to this organization are tax deductible. To provide monetary support, please click here.