Florida Partnership for Telehealth

About Florida Partnership for TeleHealth

florida partnership for telehealthFlorida Partnership for TeleHealth, Inc. (FPT) is a charitable nonprofit corporation with a focus on increasing access to healthcare through the innovative use of technology. In collaboration with Georgia Partnership for TeleHealth, Georgia’s highly successful nonprofit state-wide TeleHealth network, FPT will strive to serve the citizens of Florida by promoting and supporting new and existing telehealth programs across the state.

FPT realizes that telehealth can be used to increase access to quality care and has the potential to reduce costly medical interventions such as emergency room utilization and length of hospital stay. FPT is dedicated to advancing telehealth use and telemedicine by developing a network of partners who together will deliver quality healthcare using innovative technology to meet needs that are currently not being met.

FPT’s Mission is to:

  • Improve and promote the availability and provision of healthcare services in rural and underserved parts of Florida.
  • Educate and provide training and technical assistance to hospitals, clinics, and primary care providers to implement and achieve access to healthcare that is efficient, high quality and cost effective.
  • Reduce the service barriers that exist for patients who live in rural and underserved parts of Florida.


FPT is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which deems that all donations to this organization are tax deductible. To provide monetary support, please click here.